2023 Reindeer Session Information & Guide

Its Almost time for Reindeer Magic!

Reindeer Sessions are our most favorite session that we do every single year! This year is our 6th annual Reindeer Session and we simply cant wait! We have put together this little guide to hopefully answer some of the questions you may have, show you what our sessions will look like this year, and help you get ready for the most epic start to the Christmas season!

This year we will hold our sessions Indoor in our studio, with an all new set up and style! Below you will see images of the backdrops ,a guide to the colors we think will look best for your session, and some helpful information to make your session go perfectly!

This will be our Main Backdrop for your Reindeer Session!

Our All new Winter forest will be the main backdrop for your session this year. It will feature the child size sleigh perfect for the younger kiddos. Adults will be posed standing and small children will be posed inside the child sleigh this year. We will also have our adorable and client favorite Reindeer Farm Cocoa Stand where you will get to give Miss Rose a "Sip" of her "Reindeer Cocoa" . These shots are usually everyone's absolute favorite! Our Stand will be in front of our Winter gate backdrop shown below, and be styled with frosted trees and neutral colors!

Reindeer Farm Cocoa Stand will be in front of this Backdrop styled in Neutral Colors

Example of our 2022 Reindeer Farm Stand - Stand will be in front of a NEW backdrop and styled slightly different

Example of our 2022 Reindeer Farm Stand - Stand will be in front of a NEW backdrop and styled slightly different

This is an example of the Child Sleigh in Use from our 2021 Session. This years session will feature the same child size sleigh but in front of our NEW Winter forest Backdrop

What to Wear

The set up we have chosen for our 2023 reindeer will look perfect with almost all color pallets and all holiday inspired patterns.  

These are just a few of the colors we think will go well with our set up! We think that plaids, buffalo plaids, tartan and similar holidays prints will also look amazing!

When styling your family for your session Feel free to consider all colors and patterns, we only advise clients to steer away from ultra bright neon colors.

We are loving the look of Traditional Holiday colors, & Patterns, as well as Neutrals, Deep Blues, All Shades of Green and Whites!. Our Girls will be doing theirs in the outfits seen in the photo of the Winter Gate!


A Few weeks before the session we will send out a reminder email. This email will include the directions if you need them, your date and time, and link to a session agreement form that must be digitally signed before the session. Make sure to watch for that email about two weeks for the date. This email sometimes gets marked as spam so check your folders!


Session time is approx 15 minutes of and we will be using that time to take shots with the Reindeer and shots without the Reindeer. Please arrive dressed and please no outfit changes . We do ask that if possible you arrive a few minutes early.  If you arrive late that time will have to be deducted from your session time . We can not fit clients between their designated times or after


All remaining sessions fees are due before or at beginning of the session.  We will be sending a payment link in our reminder email for those who prefer to pay with credit card. Due to time restrictions  We will only be able to accept CASH payment at the session, we will not be able to take any other kind of credit card payment.


The Session is located at 4550 S Pine St in Guthrie, the day of the session we have a blue & white sign that say "Three Hearts Photography" posted at the gates of the property and in the driveway for parking. If you are unfamiliar with our studio please note that we do not have a public restroom. So please make note of this before arrival

Reindeer FAQ

Most everyone coming to our session are "Old Timers" that have been to every single year, BUT for the "New Timers" Here are a few frequently asked questions about the reindeer and the session experience.

Can you Feed The Reindeer - YES, you and your family will get a chance to fee Miss Rose one of her favorite treats (animal crackers) Dont be alarmed if your little takes a bite it happens every single year but since its just a regular animal cookie we promise they wont grow antlers and fly away (LOL)

Can you Pet the Reindeer - SO not exactly a petting kind a animal. Reindeers preferred not to be petted and actually retreat if you put a open palm out to pet them. Often when giving the animal cracker you can sorta pet her face while you feed her but almost all the touching is done with feeding the cookie.

Can you ride the Reindeer - As magical as I think that would be no. You can ride some Reindeers but Miss Rose is not allowed to be rode.

Can you bring your family pet - Unfortunately as cute as I think it would be the fur babies have to sit this one out. We do not want to risk any harm to Rose or your Fur Baby and since we are not 100% confident they will be the best of furry friends we do not allow any animals during these sessions.

Can the Reindeer Bite - NOPE, Fun fact about reindeer is they do not have any front teeth, and have only flat teeth for chewing far far in the back of their mouths, so when you feed rose you do not have to fear being bit in anyway.

Can We wear Horns or Horn Headbands- We actually ask that you not wear the adorable little horns because Rose can sometimes see these horns and think oh yay a reindeer to play with and her horns vs toy horns would not be fun AT ALL , you can bring your adorable horn accessories and we are happy to get shots of those without the reindeer.

Can I take pictures without the Reindeer - YES, we will have one portion of the session that will be with the reindeer and then the remaining portion will be shots without.

Can the whole Family be in the Photos - YES , this session is the perfect family photo session, or if you prefer we can do it with just the kiddos but the whole family is welcome!

Can I Bring my own Treats or Food for the Reindeer - NO, the reindeer handler does not permit any outside treats for Rose.

Can I do a quick outfit change - No, because each session is a limited time slot we can not allow for any outfit changes. If you want to do a quick slip a different tshirt over top a a kiddo we can easily accommodate that but for these sessions we do not allow outfit changes.

Can My Baby Under 6 months be in the photos - YES, Absolutely however any child that can not safely sit unsupported will have to be held by an age appropriate child or adult for every single pose we will not be able to offer any newborn style or baby posing for this session


We are so excited to capture the most magical memories of this year! Please make sure to watch for our reminder email coming in Oct! If you have any questions please feel free to reach us on our business page, Contact Us with any questions or give us a quick call/text at 405.269.4059 - We can not wait to see you all!